Scrapebox Helper Tools

Edit: These tools are largely useless, although they have a couple of good functions still.  The “fast” tool still will effectively remove root domains from a list.

Also the main tool – has a tools tab and it has a few useful tools there.

However scrapebox has largely incorporated this tool set into addons such as the dupe remove addon – and scrapeboxs addons work more effectively.


I set out some time ago to have a tool made for myself to use.  The premise was to utilize it to manipulate scrapebox lists quicker and easier to I could offer my scrapebox products and get things done.  Thus “Scrapebox Helper Tool”.

2 months and $600 later I have these 2 tools.  They do everything I set out to do, albeit a couple of the features were added to scrapebox in the mean time.  Rather then make you read about the tools, I made 2 videos for the 2 tools respectively.

Hi Speed Duplicate domain and Root url remover:

Multi Function, Database driven tool:

These tools REQUIRE .Net 4 Framework to run. I include the info on where to get .net 4 framework, if you do not already have that.  The Hi Speed tool will work on Windows 32 and 64 Bit systems.  The Multi function tool fully works on 32 Bit systems and some functions work on 64 Bit systems.

I was orginally going to sell these for $45, but when the development was finshed I realized 2 things.  Firstly the multi function tool isn’t fully functional on 64 Bit systems, and 2 functions of the tools have been built into scrapebox while I was having my tools developed.

The two functions that are now built into scrapebox that my tools do are

* Search within files for text
* Mass duplicate Url/Domain removal

Removing Root urls from files has saved me a lot of time, since those can not obviously be commented to.  Also another major function that has saved me time is selecting the number of urls to keep from any domain, this is very handy when posting.

Also if you use either my Hi Speed tool or Scrape boxes new addon to remove duplicate urls, you can end up with a file larger then 1 million lines.  Which still doesn’t work with the Windows grid of 1 million lines max that scrapebox uses.  At the time I am posting this, scrapebox does not have a file splitter that will let you work with these files, you have to split them by hand.  (I would anticipate however, that they will add one in the future, don’t know, just a guess).  Anyway at this time since there isn’t one, there is a tool in the multi function tool that lets you import large multi million line files and then split them out into files of 1 million lines or less for use with scrapebox.

All that said, these are still functional tools that will allow you to do things Scrapebox currently does not support.  Things that can save you a vast amount of time.

Yes I am releasing both of these tools for free.  I have had them tested on Windows 7, Vista, and XP as well as Server 2003 and 2008.

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These tools come with no support.  So you are free to use them, but I will not be supporting them.  I had had several people use them and I have had no reported issues.