Scraping Competitor Backlinks Merge List

Part 1

Part 2

The video above explains how to most effectively use scrapebox to scrape competitor backlinks.  In the video I demonstrate using google to gather a urls backlinks, and I use a merge list with footprints to make things easier.

To use the merge list simply enter a domain or domains in the keyword box, and then choose the M merge button.  Domains should be entered in the

format.  Then you can scrape google for these urls and then use the link checker to qualify valid links.  Also you could use the page scanner addon to qualify valid links.

To use the page scanner merge file, simply put your domain in the same format in the keyword box, then merge it with the page scanner merge file.  Then copy that out of the keywords box and make a footprint for it in the page scanner.

Here is the download links:

Competitor Backlinks Merge List

Page Scanner Merge File

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