Scrapebox Proxies for 2017

Private Proxies

In 2017 people are always looking for the best proxy provider around.  Using private or shared proxies for posting will increase your success rates by far.   You can also use them for scraping, although you should consider the ratios that you use.  In 2017 it seems to be about 1 connection for every 50 to 100 private proxies that you have.

There is a video at the bottom of this post that covers how to determine the best private proxy setup for scraping google.  The video assumes you are using private or shared proxies and not back connect/reverse/rotating proxies.

There are certainly a lot of proxy providers out there, but these are the ones I use/have used and trust.

As to how many to get, as a general rule for posting, you need about 10 private proxies per every 100 connections your running.  So if you want to post with a total of 200 connections or do some posting and some other things that exceed 100 simultaneous connections, then 20 proxies is a good fit for example.

I recommend  one of the following two providers:

My Private Proxy – They also offer shared proxies, and they are less expensive then the next option.


Scrapebox Proxy, and if you use this discount code you can get 15% off your first month:





Shared Proxies

Shared proxies could be called semi-private proxies.  Generally you share the proxy with a couple other anonymous people.  This allows you to still get good fast proxies, but at a reduced cost.

BuyProxies does a great job as well as MPP, with matching you up with other users that do different things then you do with your proxies.  Like if you want to use them for google scraping and posting, they might match you up with someone who is using proxies for Craig’s List.

In this way you both can use the proxies for what you want and share the cost.  They take care of everything, all you do is pay them and move on.  Its also secure.

For light use I would go with their 10 proxies pack, or for heavy use the 50+ proxies pack is a bargain. They offer both shared and private proxies but for the cost I love their shared proxies, but their private ones are good as well.



My Private Proxy – They also offer shared proxies, and they are less expensive then the next option.


Back Connect,  Reverse Proxies and Rotating Proxies

Back Connect proxies, otherwise known as Reverse Proxies or Rotating Proxies are best suited and convenient for Scraping, especially heavily scraping google and bing.  They can even do well with heavy advanced operator google scraping.

They change your ip on the back end every several minutes or on every request, so you do not have to worry about proxies being blocked, as they are rotated out.

The Best Back Connect Proxy Provider in 2017 is

Storm Proxies

They are the provider I use for scraping around the clock.



Noteworthy info and Video:

My personal setup is to use shared private proxies for posting and back connect proxies for scraping.  Note that back connect, reverse and rotating proxies are all the same thing with different names.

Private proxies are proxies exclusively being used by you and shared private proxies are proxies that are private in concept but are shared between typically 2 to 3 people.

The thing I like about shared proxies are they are a little less expensive because they are shared and I just tell the proxy company I want to be able to scrape google and post to sites and they match me up with people that want to do other things besides those.  The proxy company manages everything and my shared proxies always work great for posting and on occasion I use them for small google scrapes and Ive never had an issue with that.

But grabbing some shared proxies makes sense for me because the savings over private allow me to use that saved money towards some back connect proxies for scraping.