Scrapebox Servers – VPS and Dedi

I have tried out many different servers and VPSs for use with Scrapebox.  Some hosts don’t really like scrapebox, while others don’t care.  Still yet some providers work ok with scrapebox, some were flat out horrible and some were very good.  Below I list the provider that is the most optimized for scrapebox.

For VPS, the best option is:

Scrapebox VPS Servers

They are fully optimized for Scrapebox, and they even come with scrapebox pre-installed.  You still have to use your own license, but they are ready to go immediately.  They offer 4 different choices and you can use the following discount code to get 15% off of your first month:

Discount Code:  MAttPROMO


For Dedicated Scrapebox Servers:

Woo Servers is the best.  They are scrapebox friendly and even offer a section for Dedicated Windows Servers.  Simply choose a server from this section and for ideal performance choose Windows 2008 Standard.  Then in the notes ask them to install Revision R2.  They offer fast speeds and if you need LOTS of bandwidth they have a inexpensive upgrade for unmetered bandwidth.

Woo Servers